Can you replace a condenser without replacing the air handler?

Yes, it can only replace the condensing unit of the air conditioner. However, you can save money if you replace the entire air conditioner if the system is more than a decade old. However, if you have an old system that, for example, uses the R-22 freon refrigerant and R410a Puron, the new refrigerant, the situation is different. So, you're practically forced to replace at least the condensing unit and the attic evaporator coil to convert them into the new refrigerant.

This way, you don't run the risk of the new refrigerant being contaminated with the old one. If you have a system that is more than 10 years old and your condenser or compressor fails outside, you face an expensive replacement. It may be a good opportunity to consider replacing the entire system and replacing it with one that offers a higher level of comfort and, in addition, greater efficiency. Replacing a compressor in an air conditioning system can be quite expensive and is one of the most expensive repairs in the industry.

That is precisely why we are asked this question so often that it is a sensible question. Often, it's best to get rid of the old unit and replace the entire air conditioning system completely. In fact, it would be better to split it up in parts or sell it to someone who can work on it and reduce your losses. Take what you earn with it and put it in the down payment on another car.

That's the most likely choice most people would make, and it would be the right one. Now, on the other hand, what if the situation is the same but the car is only a couple of years old and is still under warranty? It would be a no-brainer to fix the car under warranty, even if there's a small deductible. The situation is very similar to the one that occurs when considering air conditioning service in the outdoor unit of your system. If the system is otherwise working well, is not very old (less than 8 years old) and everything else is in good condition, repair it.

The choice between air conditioning service to replace the outdoor unit or to replace the system completely depends on a few key factors. Most worthwhile air conditioners have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years with regular and proper maintenance. If you have a unit that is nearing the end of its life and the compressor shuts down, it's best to replace the entire unit. Why do we recommend it? Because when a unit reaches that age, the chances of suffering a mechanical failure skyrocket.

Surely you could save some money at present simply by replacing the faulty component. However, what happens if a few months later another part breaks down? The pattern continues until, finally, you end up needing a new unit anyway. All the money you spent keeping the old one on life support was in vain. However, there is an exception to this rule and it concerns the following factor. Therefore, your system is approaching the 10-year mark and the compressor has broken down.

Does that mean that you will automatically buy a new unit? Let's hit the brakes for a moment. Even though your unit is almost 10 years old, it may still be under warranty. If the warranty is still valid, even for a few days, the compressor part is covered. However, labor is not usually covered with such an old unit, so you would be responsible for it. However, the labor cost is negligible compared to the cost of the compressor itself.

So, if this is your situation, congratulations, your compressor failed just in time to save you some money for now. You never want to be in a situation where it runs out the day after your warranty expires. Most of our customers often don't even think about this, as they focus on the problem at hand. However, in some cases, they may want to check if their current unit is working for them. When the compressor or condenser fails and you call the air conditioning service, consider your comfort level.

Are you satisfied with the air conditioning system you originally purchased? Often, homeowners will purchase an inexpensive system that is the bare minimum for heating and cooling their home. Usually, those systems are very inefficient, especially after 2 or 3 generations. Systems improve, become more efficient and innovative. We've covered a lot of information here and we know that it can be confusing at times.

That's why at Airteam we strive to inform our customers. We want you to have the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision and not to trust only our words. After all, if you decide based on the information you have on your own, you're going to be happier. If your air conditioner is newer, you may be able to replace only the outdoor unit. When replacing your home's outdoor air conditioning unit, HVAC experts recommend that you also replace the indoor unit.

While this is your decision alone, not replacing both can lead to problems such as reduced efficiency, regular failures, and increased cooling costs. These are other reasons why you should replace both units at the same time. I have an XL14i capacitor that is bad, I was going to replace it with a 5 ton one. Will the Trane air handler work with the Reem condenser? Both are heat pumps and the two 410 5-ton systems. Hello guys, I have a 3.5 ton Goodman oven with a coil of 3 evaporators for r22 and r410a, then I bought a 3.5 ton Trane XR 16 seers condenser, my question is, should the TXV valve match the condenser or the evaporator? Thank you friends.

I want to install a 42,000 BTU Mitsubishi MXZ-SC42NA2 -U1 minisplit inverter for use with an existing Lennox Ch33-25b-2f 189,000 BTU ducted air controller. I also want to install a matching air controller of 9,000 and 12,000 so that the house has 3 zones. Is there a way to make the Mitsubishi air handler and the Lennox air handler communicate with each other? Thank you for your help. Can a condenser system with a 15 SEER heat pump support a 16 SEER air treatment system? Will a Goodman 2-ton 14-seer heat pump work with a goodman 4-ton variable-speed split system? Hello, I'm thinking of buying a quick-connect 4-ton rotary air handler and pairing it with a 3.5-ton Guardian external unit that also has a quick connection.

Any problem with this? Does my research show that this will increase the number of psychics in the system? I currently have a 3.5 ton Coleman outdoor unit and a Nordyn air handler combined. It's 15 years old and it's been cooled and heated. excellently. Hello, would a 4-ton condenser work with 3.5-ton split mini evaporators (6K, 9k, 9k, 12k)? Over the past 15 years or so, manufacturers have increased the efficiency of their equipment, in part by combining larger coils with smaller compressors and, at the same time, obtaining the same capacity.

It's not uncommon to see a 42 compressor in a 48 condenser. The compressor must be replaced with the same model you had. I have a 3-ton 410a condenser manufactured by Nordyne, can it be replaced with a compatible 3-ton condenser or do I need more information about the air handler? I have a 13 year old Bryant AC and the compressor stops working. I brought a new Goodman air conditioner condenser, will my Bryant coil match my Goodman outdoor condenser? The Bryant coil is 2 tons, my new Goodman is 2.5 tons, it's OK to use it, they're compatible.

Amana was quoted. AMVC96063BNB oven with CAPF3137B6 coil with ASX160311 condensing unit. It cannot be found on the AHRI website if it matches correctly. I called Amana and it was useless.

The company is not a certified Amana installer, but it is reputable and claims to install Amana products all the time. Not sure where to go from here. I have a 3-ton air handler that is already installed in the attic. There is no external condenser.

Can I get someone to install a 3-ton 16 seer condenser in the air handler? It's not the same brand, but what worries me is the Seer rating. It looks like you need a new air controller (indoor unit) that matches the R410A condenser properly. However, if the old unit is still working properly and in good condition, I'm not sure why you would change it. Yes, 17.5 is one of the standard widths for coils and furnaces. I have a three and a half ton air handler, Rudd, can I combine it with a two and a half ton condenser from the same brand? I have a Bryant heating and cooling system.

My Bryant compressor is 19 years old and no longer working. Can I replace the compressor with a new Lennox compressor? Would they be compatible? The compressor is on the roof. I have a Goodman AR36-1 air handler and need to replace the coils; I'll use the r22. Will a replacement coil fit in the Goodman air handler? Depending on insulation and other factors, it could definitely be undersized. Usually, a 2-ton condenser is only enough for up to 1200 square feet in Florida.

What is the Follow Me button on the MRCOOL remote control? Ask the expert 361. To perform proper HVAC maintenance and repairs, contact a qualified HVAC contractor who knows all the details related to maintaining the units of air conditioning. For your HVAC system to be properly adapted, you must hire a qualified HVAC contractor to replace your outdoor and indoor units. Sometimes, you just have to replace the air controller or condenser part of your heating and air conditioning system without having to replace the entire assembly. Replacing a unit will cause the entire system to be inefficient, leading to premature system failure and frequent heating, ventilation and air conditioning system repairs.

However, there is something to be said when replacing a very old unit, when choosing to replace the entire system.